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Chilly :D

I find this extremely enjoyable even I am not really into 8bit music (:


I loved the 2min preview of this in SC :D

...and I love this (almost) 8min track just as much.

It's a beautiful thought (:

Could use something more like drums and stuff tho,

Somewhat enjoyable

As a big fan of yours, I was kinda disappointed by this piece. There are a lot of moments with no transitions to a new part and stuff.

It just feels so undone :(

Mixing and mastering and stuff like that are excellent tho,

Lovely (:

For some reason I love the melody part from 1:41 ->


Nothing to complain (:


I wish there was an tutorial how to make stuff like this (mostly the plucks and basses)...

PrEmoEffect responds:

I've actually wanted to make some tutorials for quite a while now, but I don't have the time to set it up. When I come back in August, I might have some time to make a tutorial. Check out my youtube page then. If I havn't done it by then, I probably won't be able to get around to it.


I can't see myself dancing to this, it just has no hooks to grab on.
The bass drum is cool, but the other sounds feel like hiding somewhere behind the drums. The intro instrument sounds quite cheap. You could try more sawtooth trance leads and bass.

DetiousMusic responds:

Well what would you classify this song as?
The intro piano sounds like that because I filtered to mak it sound cheap. d:
I tried different saws and bass, but they don't sound good with the mellow pads and piano. Thanks for the review.

Sounds great!

Nice clubstyle intro, eventho you could have made a melody intro too, as you didn't make a clubstyle outro to it.

The background sounds in the breakdown are awesome, you could have used some other instrument instead of piano tho. The trance gate is made well, the sound of it is great, but notes it play could be better (atm its playing tititii tititii tititii tititii tititii tititii tititii tatataa tatataa tatataa tatataa tatataa tatataa tatataa tatataa etc, it could play more like tititii tititii tititii tititii tetetee tetetee tototoo tototoo tatataa tatataa tatataa tatataa tetetee tetetee tututuu tututuu and so on, if my "easy explanation" helps at all).

The filter effects and arps are fine, I like them, and the mastering is well made.
Continue making trance :D This is awesome first attempt.

garlagan responds:

What a cool review man, thanks a lot.
Your easy explanation made my day XD

Great stuff!

Could use some cool bass playing along, like in liquid DnB songs.

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