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Awesome :D

This is great. I guess the drums could be a bit louder, the bass drum is quite weak.
The drum rolls stuff things are awesometastic just like the main melody too.
The intro is great, got me really easily into the song.

The "surprise" part thing sounds cool too (:

EagleGuard responds:

Thanks! I'm guessing you didn't use headphones when you listened to this? The drum bass should sound a bit more powerful if you do. If you did use headphones however, then I guess it's just my personal taste you're hearing =p I don't like it when my drums are too heavy, so that's why I tend not to make them too loud.

Thanks for the review!

Quite interesting.

Some transitions between things would be nice, the fade out fade in in 0:38 was quite weird, just like the ones in 3:47 & 3:55.

The melodies could change more too, the lead stuff you have first time in 0:13 is awesome, but you could change it a bit every now and then.

Also, it doesn't feel like this song is going anywhere, it's just standing there and trying these few things. Not a bad piece at all tho (: Just needs some variation and better buildups/transitions.

fred1324 responds:

yeah, true.
i've come to realise this isn't my best piece of work, and yes, i do need more variations in my loops and music. but thanks for the review, i'll be sure to get everything improved in my future songs.


Hayaa geckoooo

Quite good to be made on iPod tbh

Interesting melodies, but I guess a lot of potential listeners will stop listening during the intro already :(


...yeh, nothing to complain.

Had to listen it few times, it's so lovely (:

SuperGoodSound responds:


Awesome once again

I am quite sure I've heard the melody from 0:32-0:42 in some other your song.

Great nevertheless (:

ParagonX9 responds:

Ah you've probably heard it in my 8-Bit song "Desert Train".
This song was made before desert train, and i used this melody in it
because i thought it'd fit into the 8-bit song perfectly =]


I love the melodies :D

Awesome melodies, eventho drums could have been better.

Yarr, just can't get enough of these melodies...

F-Meister responds:


true story: right after I posted this song, I listened back to it and went "damn! I forgot to vary the drums! THE HIHATS SOUND THE SAME THROUGH THE ENTIRE SONG!!!"

you'll hear that it's true :p


I... just... love... the... melodies!

Plain awesome, just like Chaoz Airflow and Chaoz Fantasy :D

Awesome tribute for ParagonX9 (:

MSXOmega responds:

Glad you like it! :D

It sound quite empty...

...and needs more powah! :D

More synths and stuff (:

Quite good nevertheless

Soon there... (:

Cool videogameish sounds in a trance song (:

I really wonder what those zero bombers are thinking when they rate down stuff like this (:

It could use more more stuff in the background tho, it feels quite empty every now and then.

Daxien responds:

Stupid zero bombers.. I really hate people like that..

Okay.. Thanks for the contructive critism..
My songs always sounded quiet in the background..
I don't know how or with what i should fill it..

I like it(:

Quite strange to hear something like this here :D

MilkMan-Dan responds:

If you look hard enough, you'll find an amazing assortment of beautiful pieces on this site. It never ceases to amaze me. Glad You like it Mate.


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