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It has been my favorite song for a year now (:

And the song which made me find NG. Best song in NG forever!

...any chance you would remember how you made the instrument in the beginning (malström?)

I love it.

One of the best in newgrounds(:


This deserves better rating(:

DevotionTrance responds:

Check out the full version on my youtube. I go by the same account name

Could use some improvement

The beginning comes boring after a moment, eventho it sounds cool. Maybe you could add some effects there and more instruments?

Also, the kick is indeed way too powerful. How do you master it?

Maybe you could add some cool arpeggios and a breakdown part or something, and the voices could be something else than laugh, like in EnV's - Heaven Rd 2.

You definitely need more instruments here, the instrument from the beginning and the occasional ones during short parts are way not enough =]

Darkfire96 responds:

I maight, but im still not good as Others, so im gonna take it slow. I actually mastered it and then applied fruity Peak Controller to give it that distortion feel. Space is unpredictable you know, and you can have...SPACE MADNESS!!! :O
I might add arps, but it all depends on the time i have. My English homework is starting to suck my time dry XD. ll add some intruments, but im not really good at picking them so im gonna need help with that. If the kick really is THAT powerful i can tone it done a bit. But thanks for coming back to review my stuff. Means alot!

Angels Gone Rogue
-DJ Chaos


I love the melodies and the pads make an epic atmosphere here :) One of those songs I wish would just stay in my head :D

I love this

Yeh, epic,

Simply epic

I love the flow of music, and even the beats change the flow keeps going. Great melodies btw, keep it up!

very enjoyable =]

Even I don't really like dubstep usually, it was a pleasure to listen this track =]

CRomDayLeR responds:

Nice to hear that, I am always happy if people like songs even if it is not the usual genre they hear.

thx for the review dude :D

I like it =]

Very nice revenge themed song =] Some of the sounds are a bit high but it doesn't matter that much, what matters more is that is the bass "solo" that doesn't work so well, maybe you should have made a bit more work on it.

After 10 seconds I knew I am gonna rate 5.

It' sounds very good, just wishing it was longer and actually made a song =]

NegativeNine responds:

I may make it into a song one day, it just depends how inspired I am :) I'll let you know if it happens

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